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About Gold Cross Logistics

Gold Cross Logistics is an Integrated Logistics Provider (freight broker) that has established business relationships with our customers and carriers. We assist organizations in managing the flow of materials in their supply chain. Transportation is an essential component in the logistics process. As your operations grow, so may your transportation needs. If you are looking for a way to expand your business or be more efficient with time without having to make a significant investment in obtaining a transportation fleet, or if you need to outsource some of your current transportation operations, it is our goal to become your logistical partner. Utilizing Gold Cross Logistics gives your organization more time to focus on your core business while we utilize our resources and expertise to devise customized solutions for your shipping needs.

About Third Party Logistics Providers
Third party logistics (3PL) companies are becoming an important part of today’s supply chain. These companies offer services that can allow businesses to outsource part or all of their supply chain management function. Many 3PL companies offer a wide range of services including: inbound freight, freight consolidation, warehousing, distribution and outbound freight. The growth of 3PL companies has been driven by the need for business to become leaner, reducing assets and allowing focus on core business processes.

A freight broker is not a job that many people know or understand. Sourcing one company to focus on obtaining the best prices for your shipments while serving as the primary contact to you and to the carrier will save a shipper time and money.

1. Identification
A freight broker is someone who finds a carrier for a shipper that needs to transport goods. While this sounds easy, the size of the motor freight industry is overwhelming, the number of carriers to choose from is astounding and the variance in pricing can lead to loss profits.

2. Features
Freight brokers are considered transportation intermediaries. As such, a primary responsibility of a broker is to verify the insurance, authority and driving and safety records of every carrier. Shippers do not always have the time nor the resources to confirm these necessities and we feel these securities are mandatory in doing business.

3. Considerations
The freight brokerage business is all about contacts. The more contacts a broker possesses, the better the chances of receiving timely, efficient streamlining of your freight needs. Gold Cross Logistics has built a solid reputation within the freight brokerage industry and utilizes those relationships in order to move your shipments for you.

Transportation Management Systems

At Gold Cross we realize your time is valuable. Our Transportation Management System (TMS) has several components which assist us in efficiently managing, monitoring and measuring distribution and logistics. Our locally written TMS has the capabilities to be customer specific so we can meet the needs of your company.

Various functions of our TMS include:
• Customized reports for our customers
• Planning and optimization of routes
• Real time transportation tracking and satellite imaging
• Service quality control
• Monitoring of transportation costs and simulations
• Flexibility with route options
• Online customer order portal

Transportation Management Systems play a critical part in the transportation industry. Our TMS enables streamlined planning, optimization and execution of our services by replacing the paper trail. Our efforts to go green saves time and increases overall accuracy of our services for you.


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