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Gold Cross Courier Service is a company that was developed by several generations of the Prock family. Deep community roots were established in 1944 when Martin and Michael Prock owned and operated Prock Funeral homes based out of Eau Claire, Wis. In 1946, the Prock family started the first private ambulance service in the Eau Claire area; Prock Ambulance Service. In 1975 they changed the name to Gold Cross Ambulance Service. The Ambulance service grew to cover all of Eau Claire County, most of Chippewa County and part of Dunn and Trempealeau Counties.

Gold Cross has always strived to meet the needs of the community. When the polio epidemic hit the nation in the 1940s, Gold Cross instituted an air ambulance service to fly polio patients to hospitals in the Twin Cities and Madison. During this same time, the Prock business developed a unit that produced volt currents in ambulances to operate iron lungs. In the 1960s the Eau Claire city council directed the fire department to take over emergency ambulance business in the city. Private ambulance services were to handle only non-emergency calls in the city and emergency calls outside city limits. Eventually, other ambulance services went out of business. However, Gold Cross remained open and continued to dedicate its services. In 1979, Jim Prock, son of Mike Prock, took over management of the ambulance service after his father left the business to devote his time to his funeral business.

With continued relations and ties to the health community, Gold Cross Courier Service was established in 1982 with three vehicles. As with the other businesses, it operated as a family owned organization. Gold Cross Courier Service’s initial clients were Mayo (Luther Hospital) and Midelfort Clinic. In addition to medical courier services, Gold Cross Courier Service also met the needs of businesses in the community, offering same-day delivery of durable goods through pick-up and delivery from point A to point B. In 1987, Gold Cross Courier Service became incorporated. The corporate office is currently located in Eau Claire, Wis.

In 1992, Jim and Linda Prock, owners of Gold Cross Ambulance Service, became partners with Mayo Health System. In 1995, Mayo Health System bought out Gold Cross Ambulance Service. Gold Cross Courier Service continued to develop relationships with many businesses and grew large enough to open its first branch office in 1998 in Mankato, Minn. In 2000 it opened the Rochester branch office. In 2008, Gold Cross Courier Service purchased Reed’s Courier. This investment tripled courier deliveries between Minnesota and Wisconsin.

In 1992, Gold Cross Answering Service was developed to support the ambulance, courier, funeral services and other clients with 24/7 dispatching. The answering service was sold in 2004 to Jim and Linda Prock’s daughter Stephanie Butero.

Today, Gold Cross Courier actively operates through many physical branch offices spread out between Minnesota and Wisconsin, in additional to several satellite offices. Gold Cross Courier Service Inc. has grown to over 240 employees in multiple states with a large fleet which ranges in size from small cars up to 26-foot trucks. Even though Gold Cross became incorporated, it still promotes a family atmosphere which strengthens the intuitive team in continued growth and development of customized services for all business needs.

Gold Cross Courier Service, Inc. has been a leader in the direct delivery courier industry since 1982. We specialize in the ontime delivery of specimens, pathology, blood-related lab work, results and reports for the medical industry as well as the timecritical delivery of proof work, cash and deposit letters. We also deliver securities exchange materials, documents and contracts for the financial industry.

Gold Cross offers transportation and distribution services customized to fit your business from single-use courier service for documents and parcels, to dedicated delivery service custom contracted to fit the needs of your industry. Our timecritical delivery standards and performance are carried through all of the services that we offer, from our regional tractor-trailer delivery all the way through to our priority envelope and parcel service.

Our drivers are bonded, professional, and trained in all aspects from medical to hazardous materials. We are insured, licensed and have the highest DOT inspection. We are open to new ideas and concepts to fulfill the needs of our clients.

Meet Our Team

James O. Prock – President and CEO


Jim is the owner and operator of Gold Cross Courier Service. He attended the University of Wisconsin–Eau Claire and Chippewa Valley Technical College. His innovative entrepreneurship is evident in the success of the companies he manages. In addition to Gold Cross Courier Service, Jim also owns and operates Gold Star Mini Storage and other commercial storage buildings. He previously owned and has since sold Gold Cross Ambulance and Gold Cross Answering Service. Jim has an exceptionally solid work ethic and believes that his employees can practice the same work ethic while still having fun. Jim’s personality is outgoing, understanding and family oriented. He takes significant pride in his family and he has been married for 34 years. He and his wife have three daughters—all college graduates—and seven grandchildren. Jim is a loving devoted husband who has also been a dedicated caregiver for the past 23 years for his wife, who was diagnosed with MS. As a longtime resident of the Chippewa Valley, Jim has served on many committees including: EMS committee, CPR committee, Eau Claire Highway Safety Committee, Jaycees and HOA board member. In his free time he enjoys camping, boating, hunting, golf and playing the guitar.

Dave Prock - Vice President


With over 20 years of experience in international sales and the combined experience of ground transportation, sales and customer satisfaction is a specialty of Dave. As the Gold Cross Courier Sales Director, Dave represents our company in the public on a daily basis. He covers sales for all branch office and assists branch managers in their sales leads. His exceptional personality makes him a front-runner in his field. Dave enjoys may hobbies including golf and hunting, however, more importantly he enjoys his wife of 35 years, children and grandchildren.


“The Eau Claire Branch of Gold Cross Courier is an absolutely amaxing branch of this company. I have worked with their employees daily for the past six months and have never been let down. They provided a fast and efficient service that makes my business run even smoother day in and day out. Thank so much.”

– Chris Peck, Assistant Store Manager, Sherwin-Williams

“I have been using Gold Cross Courier services for several years now. I find Rick to be very personable and easy to work with. Your 24/7 service is more than just a claim because I have used it all hours of the day and night, every day of the week. I find Gold Cross’s daily scheduled routes to MSP very cost effective and use this service whenever possible. For services scheduled days in advance or last minute, thanks for being a very reliable courier.”

– Dale Smieja, Phillips Medisize

“Gold Cross Courier is synonymous with dependability. In the years that we have been doing business with them, they have proven themselves worthy of being our #1 carrier for all local LTL freight. It is a breeze to get instantaneous quotes, set up pick-ups/deliveries and get status updates from dispatcher Rick, no matter what time of day. Gold Cross has very fair and competitive rates to go along with their world-class customer service to make them the total package. They are the best; our go-to!”

– Jody Harmon, Schmit Prototypes

“Gold Cross Courier has been fatastic for us! It’s reassuring to have such a dependable company to rely on for our expedited transportation needs. I appreciate the way you all bend over backwards to help. Too few companies are so customer focused.”

– Tim Helland, Project Manager, Mail Source, Inc.


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